March 13, 2009

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 30

Tonight: Drink a seven hour power, invite friends for merrymaking at your place, then go see Calvin Harris, We Have Band and many more @ Webster Hall (proper flyer here). Is this guy the next Douglas Bubbletrousers or what?

Late tonight: Have a dream about hypothetical/improbable shark scenarios, wake up and draw it. Dan Meth, for example, pondered a world where sharks reproduced exponentially until every inch of the world’s oceans were filled with them, and what would that look like.

Tomorrow: Play the new Studio 54/Avalanches-inspired Bullion joint below (via GvB), brainstorm some lunch options, and spend the rest of the weekend pretending you're Daft Punk.

(animation by Jonne Laakso)

Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me (feat. Dizzee Rascal)

We Have Band - West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys cover) (from Buffet Libre Rewind 2)

Bullion - Time For Us All To Love (from Young Heartache, buy it here)

Magic Disco Machine - Scratchin'

Spank Rock - Backyard Betty (Two Fingers Rmx)

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