July 17, 2009

Oshit! Ebaahi Highlife Soundz

"Highlife music from Ghana and Sierra Leone emerged in the 1920's and has been a major influence on all subsequent African Music. The fusion of indigenous dance rhythms and melodies with Western sounds began in the coastal towns of Ghana, including regimental brass bands, sea shanty hymns, European foxtrots, Caribbean kaiso, African rhythms of Liberia (dagomba), Sierra Leone (ashiko and goombe) and Fante (osibisaba). The instrumentation included African drums, harmonicas, guitars, accordions; and by 1920's were known collectively as Highlife."

Several different styles of highlife emerged since - ballroom dance, village brass band, rural guitar, etc., but as Awesome Tapes From Africa tells us, "unfortunately there are not many bands still active in this realm of vintage highlife today...but these are my JAMZ."

"Oshitℇ" is more Ghanaian Crosby/Stills than pre-Vampire Weekend juju, and "Kpanlogo" is a simple, yet wig-scrambling reminder that you are not on vacation right now.

Ebaahi Soundz - Oshitℇ (1992)

Ebaahi Soundz - Kpanlogo (1992)

Lots more here, and don't forget Very Best is @ LPR tomorrow (you could try to catch King Sunny Adé @ the African Music Festival first).

Very Best - Salota (2008, from The Very Best Mixtape)

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