August 28, 2009

Summer Sanka Mix (Deux)

Summer Sanka Mix (Deux)
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1. Electric Light Orchestra - Livin' Thing (Avalanches redux)
2. Instant Funk - Got My Mind Made Up (Avalanches redux + Spank Rock intro)
3. The Main Attraction - Everyday
4. Atlas Sound feat. Panda Bear - Walkabout
5. Beach Boys - You Still Believe in Me
6. Bullion feat. J Dilla - You Still Believe in Dee
7. Roy Ayers - Running Away
8. Kid Creole & the Coconuts - Stool Pigeon
9. Organ Morgan - Cocaine Afternoon
10. The Avalanches - Slow Walking
11. Tough Alliance - 25 Years and Runnin'
12. The Very Best - Yalira
13. Junior Byron - Dance to the Music (LCD Soundsystem redux)


1 & 2. part of When I Met You, a special compilation The Avalanches prepared to shed some light on their influences behind Since I Left You, with some Spank Rock and other intro flavorings added
3. backbone of the title track for Since I Left You, but like a lot of their sample selection it stands well enough on its own (more Avalanches source material here)
4. pretty chill
5. pretty chill
6. damn
7 & 8. you may know these beats from such hit songs as "Baby I Got Your Money" and the Troy McLure afterschool special "Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly," respectively
9. pretty chill, more songs by Organ Morgan here
10. from the limited release 2001 At Last Alone comp (other rarities here)
11. easily the best summer band of 2k6 - 2k10, from their New Waves EP (video here)
12. buy the full length Warm Heart of Africa LP immediately ($8.99 bob digi)
13. intro is part of LCD Soundsystem's goggle-fogging FabricLive 36 mix, spliced with the original extended version for extra "ride on outability"

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PD Williams said...

Awesome. So, so, so good. Love the mix. (love the best coast too, of course)

Ívar Pétur Kjartansson said...

Great mix!

Anyone know where to get the whole version of the Living Thing remix by the Avalanches?


Anonymous said...

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