April 17, 2007

Belle and Sebastian Drop New MySpace Page

I know what you're thinking...this is huge news and what's the link? Stay loose, it's right here. Go check it out now!
Now that all the suckers are gone, this was just a good excuse to give respect to our favorite Scottish twee-folk homies. So in honor of the new bobby digitals, let's put on a few classics:

Belle and Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance
Belle and Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown
Belle and Sebastian - Expectations

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Aaron Cope said...

i guess this is will im writing to
my wife works with christine costa and they sent me your blog site
we have a lot of the same overlapping interests in music
if youd like to catch up for a show im going to the upcoming shows

sat apr 21 clipse 9:30 $25
wed apr 25 john vanderslice rock n roll hotel $10
fri may 11 the album leaf rock n roll hotel $10

no worries im not 'fruity'
i just dont really know anyone up here in dc that shares the same music interests that i dont have to convince to go to a show and have to worry whether theyre having a good time or not
if interested let me know


512-785-6631 (m)
571-431-7597 (h)