April 15, 2007

How James Lipton Starts His Morning

Some people start the morning off with some smooth jazz and a steaming cup of coffee. This is actually the wrong way to do it. The best way to start your morning, according to James Lipton, dean emeritus of the New York Studio Drama School, is to quickly drink several Sun Drops and then watch your favorite scene from Rad.

This opening scene sets the stage for what is certainly the best movie of all time, and is set to one of the greatest songs of all time (not a coincidence), "Break the Ice" by John Farnham. As you might expect, the best BMXer of this group has a pretty strong mullet.

If that clip made you so pumped up that you no longer want to go to work today, and instead would like to bike up, accessorize and learn how to drop nasty BMX skills, this scene will give you an idea of what you should aspire to. As the only known footage that includes Lori Loughlin, Bart Conner, a balancing beam, and a killer spontaneously-choreographed BMX performance, it's considered by many to be the most accurate description of what it was like to go to a high school dance in the 80s.