June 26, 2007

Coltrane Motion Discuss Their Impact On National Birth Rate

Butter Team recently e-waxed with Coltrane Motion's Michael Bond to get your tough questions answered. Enter the no spin zone:

BT: Back in 2005 you stated your goal for Coltrane Motion was to
inspire as many "awkward restroom makeout sessions as possible" among your fans. This is an admirable goal. How's that going so far and any good stories from the recent tour?

MB: I think we may have gone a little too far with that last tour, there
was a noticable increase in pregnancies in the crowd this time
around. We definitely rocked some fetuses, but it's hard to know how
to balance the volume between simply waking up with a hazy
recollection of alcohol-fueled lust and waking up 10 yrs later with
kids and a house in the suburbs. I think it has to do with how we EQ
the bass.

BT: Who's your favorite Golden Girl - Dorothy, Rose, Blanche or Sophia?

MB: I think Rose wins, simply because Betty White is actually amazing in
real life.

BT: That's what Silversun Pickups said too; she's a woman of the people. What kind of heat can we expect at your upcoming Forecastle Festival DJ set following Girl Talk?

MB: Well, we're headlining the official Forecastle fest afterparty, which
in my mind means Gregg Gillis and De La Soul and Impossible Shapes
all breakdancing up front while we spin Clipse over the Supremes and
win Louisville's heart forever. Anything less than that is going to
be a bit of a letdown.

BT: Duly noted. Gangstarr or Big Daddy Kane?

MB: Big Daddy Kane. Though to be honest, I hit the golden age of hip-hop
a good ten years late - in '91 i was still rockin Bel Biv Devoe

BT: Favorite live song on the new album?

MB: We close every set with "Can't" which is a complete and total blast
to play live...the recorded version doesn't even come close,

Support their nasty funk habits by buying Songs About Music or check these dates:

7/10 - Chicago - Schuba's
7/21 - Chicago - WLUW 88.7
7/28 - Louisville - Forecastle Festival (not sure why VHS or Beta is missing)

Coltrane Motion - Ex-Girlfriend In A Coma
Coltrane Motion - Can't

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