June 11, 2007

Easy, Son

"Hey I'm Ryan Adams! I'm predictably, pretentiously unpredictable! Looky here as I buck your treasured tourist photo! Discuss my latest online shenanigans!" We kid, we kid Ryan. Big fans since the Whiskeytown days.

Just listended to Easy Tiger and it goes down smoother than a frothy Sundrop and Mylanta cocktail on a Friday morning. That is to say it's excellent, and refreshing, yet stings a bit as you remember last night. But why take our word for it when you can go straight to the the alt-country music tastemaker and occasional horror fiction writer Stephen King? Quoth King:

"What I know is there has never been a Ryan Adams record quite as strong and together as Easy Tiger; it's got enough blue-eyed, blue-steel soul (with the faintest country tinge) to make me think of both Marvin Gaye and the Righteous Brothers. Probably ridiculous, but true."

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Ryan Adams - Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.

A rare sighting of Dr. Hunter Down, inventor of the Sunlanta breakfast cocktail.


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

After listening to the full album, my initial reaction is strong, to quite strong. Two has been playing on the local indie station for a few weeks now. When this is available to the public (officially), I think that many are going to find this his best work yet, beating Gold and Cold Roses.

Think about that for a second...

moon looney said...

yes, predictably unpredictable is a good way to put it.
kicking off with a cold rose by another name, and saying goodnight to all that with two golden hits...?...leading to a track four that doesn't really sound like anything he's done before. what the bleep is wrong with him?
even the crazy crap is good on this record.
My only real complaint is that the lyrics to hey there mrs. lovely were just fine as they were thank you very much and should have been left a lone to play with that melody exclusively.
however, there is something likeable about god blessing the late night girls.