July 10, 2007

Chromeo Pillages Buttermore, Steals Our Women

Was it their secret synth science that drove the stellas insane? Maybe the vocodor-laced fingersnap hand claps, or bobby digital high hats harkening young ones back to pop hits from their birth year? Or just the black leather Members Only jacket?

Indeed, Chromeo dropped hott Sunday electroplasma into the Baltimore City streets, a la Ghostbusters 2, leaving knee sock bunnies and bespectacled beatsters up to their chucks in dancefunk muck as temps cruised well above a hundo. Dave 1 raps with us backstage about Studio B, Daft Punk and the Golden Girls:

Anyone that cites Hall and Oates, Daft Punk, and the original P-Diddy (Collins) as influences must put together a strong package. Plus a local fun fact: The backstage at our favorite joint Sonar is highly customizable to help artists from different backgrounds feel comfortable before each gig. Chromeo chose the "streets is watchin" concept. Also available, not pictured: James Lipton's study, Warhol's washroom or generic principle's office.

Chromeo - Waiting 4 U
Chromeo on Hype Machine

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Needy Girl never gets old even after 1300 spins:


Anonymous said...

Venkman and Spengler would be proud

christplaysdrums said...

after dave 1 signed a skimmy's forehead, my wife (yes, peep the bling in the pic) had to be set loose to get the tity insignia. as you can see, dave was a real gentleman about it after i requested 'balls' to be left on her chest.