July 22, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 6: Sweatin' To The Indies - Dan Deacon Vinyl Giveaway

All the watermelon, ice and cage fans in the world couldn't stop Saturday night's gig with Spank Rock, Dan Deacon, Video Hippos, The Death Set, Ponytail, Dirty Projectors and many more from being literally the sweatiest show of all time. Thanks to the folks at Wham City and Floristree for pulling this thing off.

As above (Video Hippos), so below (Jason Urick from WZT Hearts takes a nap with Dan Deacon wrapped in his CGI/security blanket).

We have a couple autographed copies of Dan Deacon's Crystal Cat vinyl single - just leave us a comment with your email if you want one.

We'll pick the winners on Friday 7/27 (U.S. residents only). NOTE: We picked the winners already and they are shipshape and ginny. Thanks to everyone for entering.

Dan Deacon setlist:

1. Intro>Soundcheck
2. Crystal Cat
3. Paddeling Ghost
4. Woof Woof
5. Of The Mountains
6. Wham City

Big ups to Jeff's List of Shows for the audio. Jeff taped almost every band at Whartscape and is now feverishly spooling in an underground lair complete with lab coats, beakers, schematics et al. So check back later in the week for some Spank Rock.

Spank Rock - Live on KEXP

Dan Deacon - I Will Always Have Juice Today
Also thanks to Josh Sisk for some of the photos above, check the rest here.


Anonymous said...


Eric Rex said...

i would love a copy of the dan deacon vinyl


Dean Jackson said...

After heading home from Whartscape, got to write an email titled "I know what tomorrow sounds like".

I want that vinyl. :-)

Unknown said...

i would like a vinyl. thank you


Unknown said...


OnlyRumors said...

STILL sweatin!


noah bers said...

I had so much fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Marty McAndrews

Woo Hoo!

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

I already have mine. I'm still looking for the dry shirt I came in with...

Anonymous said...

That show looks like it was amazing, I would love a vinyl


grindstone said...

i'd love one....


Patrick said...

I could handle a dan deacon vinyl.

Alison Baitz said...

I want one! Especially since Saturday sold out before i even stood a chance.


rainbow said...

i'd l-o-v-e it - charlesv at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

vinyl would... be nice


Anonymous said...

I know it's long past the fact, but I really love this man?


Anonymous said...

yes please, i want one.

Maxwell said...

Do you have anymore vinyls, sire?
I am just a poor boy of perhaps sixteen or seventeen living all the way up in the land of New Jersey, where our experimental music scene is... hahaha, joking. So I envy you Baltimorians, not for your murder rate, but for your Danny Deacon. Snake Mistakes realy gets my thighs gyrating like no other.


Unknown said...

I'd very much like one.


broseph said...

Yes please

miles said...

mmm dan deacon seven inch

Unknown said...

i'd love a copy



Unknown said...

crystal cat vinyl? fingers crossed.


keeping my eyes on the prize

shipshape said...

yes please: