July 24, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 7: Was Pretty Sure I Told You We Won't Stop

I didn't? Then where'd you get that preposterous hypothesis - did Steve tell you that? Steve....

Spank Rock is still in the building, thanks to repeated requests for some raw audio and more photos of the crazy people from this Saturday (the almost naked girl below tested exceptionally well). So we throw you over our collective knees once again and then that's it - go get your sick pleasures somewhere else because the Whartscape series is over.

Spank Rock - Lindsay Lohan's Revenge (live at Whartscape)

insert timely/snarky Lohan jab here

Spank Rock - Bump (live at Whartscape)
Spank Rock - Backyard Betty (live at Whartscape)

Below, an almost equally naked Cex asks "Were I to announce here that I have succeeded in forsaking my childish desires for wealth and fame, would not the first response of many internet users be the accusation that my true desire is to distinguish myself from my contemporaries in order to achieve greater wealth and fame? I mean status ain't hood right? And are you smiling because you agree or you took the last Beast?"

Spank Rock - Sweet Talk

We now promise to stop sending transmissions from Spank Rock's space nipple antenna on the condition that you buy these two albums:

Spank Rock - YoYoYoYoYo
Spank Rock - FabricLive 33


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Looks like Trent Steele in the first pic...

Z said...

indeed that is chief BT correspondent T. Steele. Wish we had been able to capture the fierce pop/lock/breakoff that happened right after this was taken. just a flurry of elbows and cardboard

Anonymous said...

Was the pop/lock break off conducted in a giant vat of egg salad?