September 9, 2007

Rad II: The Matthew Modine Challenge

We've waited more than 20 years for a Rad sequel, signed the DVD petition, and still nothing. So this week the Butter Team crew took the matter into our own hands and began filming Rad II: The Matthew Modine Challenge.

The movie takes place in Baltimore, 2009, where all bikes have been banned and the punk kids instead turn to freestyle stair climbing and radical monument jumping. Matthew Modine issues a challenge to climb the Mount Vernon tower stairs using fresh moves, and the plot follows two young men as they train and prepare to answer this call. It's really turning out to be something special, our goal is to have the single longest training montage in Amercian cinematic history, right now we're up to about 55 minutes.

A few changes in the lineup as the original actors were now way too old to participate - we actually hired Cru Jones' cousin Dennis Jones and Bart Connor's son Terrence Connor to fill the archetypal underdog/reigning champ roles. We were unable to find suitable lookalikes for the Reynolds twins.

Here's the trailer:

Mark Safan - Win In The End

This might be too easy, but if you can name the movie that song came from then let us know. Hint: one of the best movies of all time. View some footage from the original Rad here.

Butter Team will return to actual music reporting tomorrow when we will be interviewing Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsytem to discuss their latest FabricLive entry.


Anonymous said...

oh wow..... all y'all've outdone yourselves [and everyone else]! this is fantastic! wonder-full! [i'm] so smiling.... . :0)

Anonymous said...

That better be real. Can't wait to see that movie. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Easy...That song is from the final basketball game in Teen Wolf son! Where Scott Howard realizes that the Beavers don't need "The Wolf" to, in fact, win in the end.

Z said...

that is correct "j. moore" and you win a big manly rubdown. meet me in the alley behind churchill's the saturday after thanksgiving. come alone.