October 28, 2007

Ben and Bruno - 100 Grim Reapers

Grand Rapid's indie folk masters Ben and Bruno released 100 Grim Reapers in September, a group of songs based on a character named Ben, the story of his life a long while after his abduction by a religious fanatic and how Ben's relationship with his wife and two daughters are shaped by this past impression. It's delicate folk strums layered under jaw-dropping vocal swoons. You'll love it.

Ben and Bruno - New Friend Song (highly recommended)

I have a new friend
We hope to be old friends
To live in peace as friends
This friend
She is a girl friend but not my girlfriend
We have agreed not to kiss or hold hands
We have planned
To be at each other's weddings
To be side by side through all the big things
Not as lovers but as friends who love
Cause they're not the same thing

Grab a super-limited LP which includes a 24" by 18" three color hand screen printed poster as well as a CD copy of the album here. Saw these guys play in a dark living room this weekend at Bob's house show, unbelievable. Audio forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

wow. listened to this four times in a row

CW said...

I like to swoon along in the car.