October 24, 2007

Flash That Buttery Gold

Yes we know the blogger community was talking about None Shall Pass in July or some other long gone era. Thought you had us for a second though!

Probably already assembling a devastatingly dry and witty comment centered around our un-timeliness. (We actually only prefer compliments, such as your beard is nice or you're good at finding shortcuts.)

But no, just wanted to congratulate Aesop Rock for wrassling the ADD mechanical bull that is our ipods, holding tight in heavy rotation for several months, and earning the 3Q 2007 Award for Continuous Portable Music Play. Against stiff competition no less, what with Joe Satriani, Drowning Pool and Atreyu all releasing stellar LPs.

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Ok wake to this grocery list - try to guess which of the following songs has not been continuously on our collective playlists for the past several years.

1. Gangstarr - Zonin'
2. Cut Copy - Zap Zap
3. Theme: The Neverending Story (bonus Halloween costume idea: Falcor!!)

Just know that even participating in this activity means you're a winner, so afterwards take five with some purple stuff or Sunny D. Also know that by not participating you risk the chance of being one of these.

Buy Aesop Rock, Cut Copy, Gangstarr

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