October 31, 2007

Live From Bob's House Show

Twas a night of indie folk superstars by candlelight - Monarch, Small Sur, Ben and Bruno, Bronze Float, Treevahs and Wax & Wane - and a good time was had by man, dog, baby and skeleton at the first of many "Bob's House Shows" (actual name TBD). Thanks to the phantom Baltimore Taper you can folk out to several of the sets at your own house, with your own dog or maybe someone else's, but next time you should come.

Ben and Bruno (Peter Brant - guitar, vocals, pictured below on right)

1. An Assumed Ascension
2. My Wife
3. War Party Crew
4. 100 Grim Reapers
5. Chant Z
6. New Friend Song
7. My Mother's Hand

Download this set (or just listen)
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Small Sur (Bob Keal - guitar, vocals, massive beard, pictured above on left)

Set I:
1. Two Mantras
2. Ohhhhh (pt. 1 & 2)
3. Everyone
4. The Kelp
5. Tones
6. Big Sur

Set II:
7. Intro
8. Come Fall*
9. Whale Mountain*
10. Slide
11. Yosemite

*Little Wing cover

Download this set (or just listen)

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Anonymous said...

That Ben & Bruno set is amazing!