November 15, 2007

100dbs - Brenner's Breaks

We've been giving lots of love to 100dbs lately, mainly because MC/DJ/producer Dan Brenner sent us mad beats like two months ago that still haven't left Loretta's mouth (Loretta is the name of my Volvo).

Witness Brenner's Breaks, a sticky slow simmer comp released this February that's still working its way around the speakeasy.

100dbs - One Love Remix (feat. Nas)
100dbs - Criminology Remix (feat. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon)
100dbs - War (feat. J-iLL and Ryan O'Neil)
100dbs - The Chase

My one request to Dan - on track 17 you briefly sample the super ill intro to The Zombie's "Summertime" - pull that out in full son! We need more British Invasion in the hip hop.

Download or preview the entire mix.


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Is Loretta an SUV or station wagon?

Anonymous said...

big up!

let's get some things straight though. first of all, i don't MC. the dude you hear on adventures is none other than my boy ryan o'neil, the one hand bandit.

i have both my hands, but can't rap. it seems like a shitty tradeoff to me, but hey, some people are born with less than others. i've learned to accept my situation.

second.. if you really like the zombies shit that much:

1. peep the last song on the argyle album:

2. witness the styles i flip.

3. press rewind.

4. see #2.