November 18, 2007

Archers of Loaf: Still Really Good

At the time Archers of Loaf were releasing some of their best work (in the early 90s) it would be impossible to know that fifteen years later songs like "Audiowhore" would not only still be great to listen to, but that they would perfectly describe the the vast sucking sound heard across the airwaves. We'll spare you the Dennis Miller diatribe as Fluxblog has already described it perfectly:

"The Archers of Loaf's 1995 album Vee Vee overflows with skepticism and resentment, mainly directed at a music culture focused on consuming artists alive in a greedy, self-serving hype cycle that reduces art and youth culture to a cheap, disposable commodity. The record industry was still in the midst of the gold rush to find more Nirvanas, and A&R people were desperately snapping up cult bands and indie acts in the hopes of scoring a fluke hit. In this era, the stakes are much lower -- no one is expecting to pull Nirvana numbers, that's for sure -- but more people than ever are looking for a way to stake a claim on artists who could reach...well, ANY... level of success."

And jumping around a bit:

"When it comes to art that is practically defined by it falling on the outskirts of the mainstream (indie rock), the audience is almost always going to be comprised of people just waiting for the right moment to get into backlash mode. They kid themselves into believing that they sincerely care about the art, but what they really love is the social capital of hipness, and can't afford to put too much of themselves into something that may become unfashionable."

Archers of Loaf - Audiowhore
Archers of Loaf - Lowest Part is Free

Safe to say at this point we are committed supporters, and the Track 1-2 combo above is a great reason why (you can just feel your lip curling against the establishment during Lowest Part is Free). Can you imagine the blog flurry that would have followed Archers today? And how much they would have hated it? (of course Bachman declined an interview)

Either way we urge you to buy Archers of Loaf vs. The Greatest Of All Time because, aside from Pavement's Watery, Domestic, this truly is the greatest EP of all time.

Additional loaf


Johnada said...

I'm glad to see the uptick in Archers related bloggin' lately. Good to see. Personally, I've got to say Vs. The Greatest of All Times is the best ep ever with Polvo's Celebrate the New Dark Ages a close second. Then maybe Watery, Domestic. Not enough good ep's these days.

TTSO said...

not that i enjoy exagerating or anything, but after reading this post, i've come to realize, that this band is one of the main reason i still scour through indie rock bands nowdays.. if it wasn't for them i would've lost my faith on this stuff a long long time ago...