November 27, 2007

Of Course We Read Other Blogs

And during a quick scan of BiBaBiDi we uncovered tomorrow morning's theme song by Denmark's The Elephants.

They say: "Hello people of Planet Earth, we are The Elephants. A group of people based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who love funny instruments, Sweden, New York, Brian Wilson and long walks. Our debut album is being released in most of the European countries on Tapete Records this autumn. Enjoy!"

How cute that they love Brian Wilson and are from Copenhangen, because that's the advice we typically give startup bands. Be from Denmark and respect Pet Sounds. Yay Elephants.

The Elephants - Obvious


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

I need some more Elephant dung

CW said...

chances of running into an elephant in Copenhagen: slim to none.

chances of enjoying a Carlsberg “Elephant beer” in Copenhagen: definite.

chances of growing Elephant ears after a few drinks, like the “Elephant Man” on Carlsberg’s website: again, slim to none.

The Elephants' ‘Caroline Knows’ is one of my favorites from the days in the old country