November 6, 2007

Win Guest Passes/Happy Fun Prize Packs To Thrushes/Bang! Bang! Vinyl Release Party @ Talking Head 11/17

Next Saturday Chicago's Bang! Bang! will be at The Talking Head hosting a vinyl release party for their The Dirt that Makes You Drown LP along with Bmore shoegaze darlings Thrushes. Leave us a comment using either the word "bang" or "thrushes" in any context of your choice, or just write a nice haiku about the smell of library books, and you will be magically entered to win something from the following bucket of happiness:

- 2 guest list spots to the show
- 2 vinyl LPs of “The Dirt that Makes You Drown”
- 2 EPs of Bang! Bang!'s "Electric Sex"
- 2 Thrushes "Sun Come Undone" CDs
- 2 super awesome show posters signed by Thrushes (below)

Bang! Bang! - She Came From Outer Space
Thrushes - Aidan Quinn

Thanks to Casey from Thrushes and Morphius Records for the happy fun prize packs. Hint: you might also specify in your comment which part of the bucket of happiness you're aiming for.


Ryan K said...

i want a cd
sun come undone by thrushes
that would give me joy

OnlyRumors said...

I'd like to bang the girl in that pucture of Eugene, Team Mascot.

I'd also like that Thrushes CD...or the EP...what ever you select!

Anonymous said...

Casey from Thrushes sent me a signed thank you note with their cd: "sun come undone" which (their music)induces a sluggish push of sublime melodies that reminds me of the fluttering wings of Thrushes.

sarah todd said...

thrushes go out with a bang
i rarely go out at all
but boy do i love to!
go out, that is

roopa said...

OK, here goes: Thrushes are gonna bang it up this Saturday night.

Now that I have that out of the way...

I'm going to the show regardless of whether or not I win tickets, but it would be totally rad if I did.

Unknown said...

I would be pleased and delighted with guest passes to the Saturday show full of blissful Shoegaze. *ahemCaseyahem* It's great that Baltimore is doing something for the scene. Gives me hope!

Anonymous said...

I saw Bang Bang last April at the old Lo Fi...they did nothing for me at all. Haven't seen Thrushes or Hymnen yet, so I'm looking forward to their sets.

Anonymous said...

Contest ended, winners:
*Ryan and Ben you get the Thrushes cd's

*Sara gets a signed poster and both Bang! Bang! records

*Sarah Todd gets a signed poster and both Bang! Bang! records

*Roopa gets a guest list spot for the show

*Jaguar gets the other guest list spot

Email me your shipping info to or let me know if you're going to the show and you can get your booty there.

Thanks for entering and you see Saturday!!


Meg said...

I'd love to go, but I have to work. And it's a Saturday, so I'll be ready to bang my head against the cash wrap by the time the night is over.

But, just for fun:

Oh, library books
Your scent intoxicates me
I must have you now!