December 5, 2007

Celebration This Saturday @ 2640 Space

This weekend put on your party dress/party sansabelts and head to 2640 Space to welcome Celebration home from their victorious tour. What with The Modern Tribe being stacked mile high with tasty treats, it’s sure be a heater. We dropped a quick line with Celebration’s Katrina Ford to check in.

How's the tour been going so far, and what was your favorite show?

Tour was an adventure, like any good story had its ups and downs, but in the end, the hero(s) triumph. On this tour, LA @ the Echo, everyone became temporarily insane!! Sweat, animal dance by the end my drum was striped with blood.

Any place where you were surprised by the reception?

Bakersfield CA, was beauty. We were treated like kings. Basque food, red carpet, love, dancing.

We were really impressed with The Modern Tribe; while the tracks are saturated, each of your contributions can be heard distinctly. Are you pleased with how it translates?

I am pleased with it. Yes people will feel the need to look for what they like or don't like. That part about sharing the music is my least favorite. We wanted to bring an energy of excitement and universal love, without regard to genre or style, just music from our hearts. As Horace Andy says "lets live in love." We are ever evolving to express the beauty/pain of modern living.

Well said. Thanks Katrina.

Kids, get your tix at Red Emma's/True Vine. No drinking/smoking in church.

Celebration - Evergreen
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