December 17, 2007

Disrobe; For I've A Wig-Scrambling Gazpacho Recipe

Butter Team is all about having a good time, sans pants, at various aqua-themed resorts including Sea World. But even more than that, we're about sharing great music.

So while most may grimace and quickly skip this post; for the brave souls that remain we've something better that even the coldest liquid delicacies from the Southern region of Andalusia.

Probably heard about prolific Memphis punker Jay Reatard a few times before stopping to pay attention - his name is almost worse than the photo. But following a strong endorsement from our homies at Covert Curiosity and a quick sample of My Shadow, it's done. Toss Supergrass (early Caught By The Fuzz era) with young Ozzy in a combination of punk's greatest power riffs, chill, serve all up in your face.

Jay Reatard - My Shadow
Supergrass - Caught by the Fuzz (an all-time favorite)

Also in the men's pants dept., enjoying the track below from Boston artsters Pants! Yell, another band I would have ignored without a recommendation from The Yellow Stereo. Stick around for the female vocals, dope dope dope.

Pants! Yell - Two French Sisters