December 3, 2007

Le Concorde: Poor Man's Phoenix?

Not even sure what that means since we love both bands, but with Le Concorde's release of Suite last month at least the initial comparisons to Phoenix are warranted.

Get a few listens in and you'll find plenty of differences but a shared appreciation for the earnest pop harmonies available only to those with the courage to croon. And like a dumbass I thought Le Concorde's multi-instrumentalist Stephen Becker, Ph.D was a fellow Frenchman (also once told Kevin Barnes "for some reason I thought Of Montreal were Canadian").

But Le Concorde rock the harmonica hard:
Le Concorde - I Want You Back (from Suite)
Le Concorde - Parallel Lives (from Universe and Villa)

Other Conchords

Et appréciez maintenant les stylings musicaux parisiens de Phoenix:
Phoenix - Long Distance Call
Phoenix - Long Distance Call (25 Hours A Day Remix)

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Anonymous said...

i'm not sure of the link between phoenix and le concorde. with phoenix, the quirky production and playing means u never know where a song is going. of the concorde songs, as soon as they start u know where they're going. oh and plus i never fell asleep to phoenix