February 7, 2008

The Death Set Prep For Worldwide Dominance

The The Death Set's Johnny Siera waxes with UK-based Fact Magazine about moving to Bmore, signing to Ninja Tune, and new album Worldwide which hits stores soon. A few excerpts:

Was there ever a specific desire to move to Baltimore, given its musical legacy?

Definitely not, I’d never heard of it! It was bizarre; before moving there I knew nothing about it, but when I first came down I saw… Well, there’s this building called the Copycat – I actually just moved out of it – and it’s an art display house place. I was still living in Brooklyn and I came down for a show; it was Dan Deacon and a band called Ecstatic Sunshine. And the kids were just going fucking bonkers; it was honestly like nothing I’d seen in my entire life – not in Australia, not in Europe, and not in New York. I was blown away; Dan was making everyone lie on the floor and jump up when the song starts. And compared to the typical cross-armed responses we’d got in the previous places we’d been to, it was really inspiring.

How far done is the new album?

The new record has been done for ages; the reason for the delay is that Counter, from Ninja Tunes just bought out the record, as I’m sure you’re aware. It’s finished; it’s coming out probably March or April, which gives us some time to prepare and promo for it. We’ve got a seven inch coming out in Europe and the UK, and that will be the prelude to the full album. So yeah, really soon!

I’m sure your live shows allude to where you’re going, but what can someone who’s only heard the Rad Warehouses and To EPs expect from the new album?

It’s about – well, it is – twenty five minutes and eighteen tracks. It’s still hi-energy, up-tempo, spastic punk rock songs with electronic elements; it’s a little bit sparsed out with interludes and stuff, but it’s still pretty fast-paced. It’s 100% like the EPs, so you can expect more of the same. I’m excited dude, it’s been on my shoulders for a while so it’s nice to really get it out there…

Read the rest of the interview here. Thanks to Hannah for the heads up.

The Death Set - Intermission

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I'm really jazzed about the Death Set finally releasing a full length!