February 26, 2008

New Double Dagger: No Allies

Like a forgotten petri dish buried deep within Umbrella Corporation labs, the lyrics from Bmore's nastiest punk trio are mutating, evolving even, from obscure typography/art jokes to powerful action rallies against the city's socio-economic inequalities.

New song "No Allies" - available soon via one of two 7" to be released this spring - opens with a solitary distress signal from bassist Bruce Willen; answer it and get yanked into a sweaty pile of warehouse kids thrashing to "no allies - we don't need you on our side."

Double Dagger - No Allies (live 2/23/08)

Get the whole set from Jeff Mewbourn over at the Beatbots A/V Club, or hear the studio version on their MySpace. Next local show is 3/4 at Floristree.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!

You can hear a less sloppy, studio version of "No Allies" (with less equipment/band members getting knocked over) on our Myspace page.

Z said...

good call! updated