March 12, 2008

This Is A Wave Goodbye (New Among Wolves Demos)

It's hard to avoid the massive shadow the Beach Boys have cast across almost every sunny short wave synth harmony sung since. To make matters worse, Brian Wilson and crew also cornered the market for complex production arrangements, compacting multi-layered vocals and unorthodox instrumentation into a simple-sounding pocket symphony.

As you're reading this, Bmore's Among Wolves are putting together their own endless summer, recording and performing material for a promising sophomore LP tentatively titled 3 a.m. (see dates below). Not sure how they get inspiration for these vibrations in the city that reads, but the jams below are tighter than McNulty and a handle of Jameson. Have a taste.

Among Wolves - Slow Down (demo)

Among Wolves - Hey You (demo)

Among Wolves - Baltimore (from Among Wolves)

A note from AW's Billy Tiedeken:

"well the wolves are going to be recording our 2nd lp starting on saturday...hopefully coming out this summer/fall.
it will be released on the beechfields record label.
we are working with steve wright of wright way studios..he has recorded and produced the flaming lips and lake trout..among many others.
we are so excited!!!!!
the album will be a little less all over the place like our last one...or totally left field like our earlier work...more rock driven songs...but a bit darker material.
you can expect synths..strange noises..along with the addition of horns on a few tracks.
the title of the album is going to be possibly.... "3 a.m." ..not sure yet.
the art work is going to be done by a local artist kathy from 2 hawks 2 fishes..great work.
we have a whole mess of show coming up with more coming in each day.
as usual you can expect drunken debauchery from us and the crowd."

Grab one of the last remaining copies of their self-titled 2007 debut through Beechfields here, and stay tuned.

Next Baltimore shows:
3/21 @ The Red House Tavern
4/11 @ Load of Fun Gallery
4/26 @ Fraziers
5/3 @ Charlotte's


Baby Gorilla said...

I'm just a boy Among Wolves, but after buying the album, I feel like a man. Thanks BT for bringing them into my life today.

Anonymous said...

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