March 14, 2008

Get Your Face Fully Fitted

We're pretty picky about mixes, there's a lot of crappy crap out there, but guest DJ Mike the 2600 King left behind a hot nasty mess over at the ol' Fully Fitted Blog you should check out for serious. Here's a story:

"I recorded this mix at home on Saturday March 1st. I then proceeded to go eat at this hole-in-the-wall BBQ spot in St. Paul with my homie Kenny Kingston. The owners have a photo up on the wall of them with Ice-T. After lunch I pretty much spent the entire day playing pinball at our studio until my friend Jake Money completely annihilated my top score of 67,890 with a brain-obliterating 89,680." Note from FF: "...BUT THEN MIKE TURNED IT AROUND AND SHATTERED JAKE MONEY"S SEEMINGLY UNTOUCHABLE SCORE WITH A FACE MELTING 127,750 POINTS."

We'll play this one but stop over at Fully Fitted for your regular rekkid wreckage.

Mike the 2600 King - About To Run Up On You And Do A Rambo Mix

1. Mike the 2600 King "Startime Intro"
2. Pee Bee Squad "Pee Bee Rap"
3. Janne Schaffer "It's Never Too Late"
4. Johnny Hammond "Shifting Gears"
5. Lady Supreme "Doin' it Like This"
6. Main Source "Large Professor"
7. T-Ski Valley "Catch the Beat
8. Wildstyle OST "Down by Law"
9. Graham Central Station "The Jam (Mike 2600 edit)"
10. Dyke & the Blazers "Let a Woman Be a Woman (Mike 2600 edit)"
11. Kinks "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?"
12. Chic "Good Times"
13. Charanga '79 "Good Times (Como Vamos a Gozar)"
14. GLS United "Rappers Deutsch"
15. Xanadu and Sweet Lady "Rappers Delight"
16. Queen Samantha "Take a Chance"
17. Weeks & Company "Rock Your World"
18. Frederick Knight "Let Me Ring Your Bell Again"
19. Earth Wind & Fire "Bad Tune"
20. Crosby Stills & Nash "Carry On / Questions"
21. Ace "How Long"
22. Amanda Blank "Get it Now" acapella

The graphic is from Mike's design team Burlesque of North America, not affiliated with The Emperor's Club or Pimps n' Pancakes (this guy knows what I'm talking about, right? Give it to me up top.)

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