April 9, 2008

Alan Wilkis Shoots, Scores

What if one man managed to capture and condense all of your childhood console memories into a single blippy, pixelated jackpot? If he mashed up Megaman 2 with the waterfront training montage from Punch Out to form an 8-bit 8-track for the wet hott American summer of yesteryear? And then stole your Julie?

Alan Wilkis - I'm Famous

We asked Brooklyn-based game genie Alan Wilkis about the secret codes behind his rainbow crunk:

"Hearing anything that resembles those old 8-bit sounds just instantly turns me into a kid again! There's something so extremely pure and perfect about them, and something so inherently pleasing in there. The other incredible thing about the Nintendo songs, and something I tried to sort of nod to in a lot of my songs, is that despite how simple or unprocessed the sounds may be by modern standards, the songs often have these insanely complex musical arrangements."

Alan Wilkis - Milk and Cookies

CD Giveaway - Win a copy of A dub's dynamite debut Babies Dream Big by telling us about your favorite Nintendo game, cheat code, theme song, or random Ninty fanatic story. I'll start - one time I snuck out of school in 4th grade to play RC Pro Am. Another time I beat Castlevania after playing for 10 hours straight and got wicked pins and needles when I tried to run outside to tell everyone. Anyway, Alan's keeping an eye out and will mail an autographed heat missile to his favorite Butter Team commenter. There is no time limit. Begin!


Christoph Fricke said...

I freaking love duck hunt! I used to play it all the time growing up.

But it wasn't till last year that I found out that the second controller controlled the duck...


kmdjmu17 said...

I have Tetris in my bathroom...

Anonymous said...

With only five days left, I wonder who's going to win the Kooks contest... Getting nervous anyone? anyone? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

I totally dominated World Cup on Game Boy, which is the only "console" I ever had growing up (making it ironic that I love 8-bit more than anyone I know, from art to music).

If you hit A+B when the ball was coming to you, you'd bicycle kick it and score everytime, no matter where you were on the field. I think it'd even knock the keeper into the goal if it hit him. I'd always run to my own 8 yard box and bicycle it the length of the field. You only got like 5 per half though. Still, an automatic 10 goals made winning the match pretty simple.

my email is my first and last name at gmail.