April 26, 2008

Batrider + Luke Buda

Just got a compact disc sampler from the team at New Zealand's Arch Hill Recordings. Compact discs are good because you can leave them in the car player and actually listen to the same music for several days at a time until you can appreciate and familiarize yourself with songs at a deeper level. But two excellent songs from Batrider (above) and Luke Buda didn't even require a single full listen before earning a spot on the BT roster - because that's what we do, we filter things so that every song is automatically [HIGHLY REC'D].

Describing artists/sounds in non-cliche terms is not my forte, so even though you've never heard of these cats how 'bout being wild and risky for a second and listening to them anyway?

Batrider - Pink Guitars Yellow Stars

Luke Buda - The Werewolf

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