April 15, 2008

Rem-Remember When We Interviewed Tokyo Police Club?

Last fall we kept trying to ask TPC drummer Greg about who he found sexier from The Office - Pam or Bob Vance - and rudely, he kept trying to change the subject to their upcoming debut album.

Canadians. Little did we know he was being serious and that the boys would finally get around to releasing a proper full-length, which drops via Saddle Crizzle next week.

Tokyo Police Club - Juno (from Elephant Shell)

The production definitely sounds a bit more polished and Dave might hit reverse puberty on a few tracks - but as we learned whilst attending Degrassi High, growing up in front of the world is tough.

Remember when Rolling Stone did album reviews in the 70s, how do you think they would have scored this one? And can TPC bring peace between the US and Canada?

Buy it at Insound!

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