April 7, 2008

Virginia is for Lavas

Effusive eruptions of hydrothermal activity. Mac-happy graphic designers cooing each other through megaphones on tigerbeats. Actually dope hooks and melodies. It's molten indie rock courtesy of Richmond's Hot Lava.

HL boss Allison tells us the band started as kind of a joke in 2005 seeing as how most of the lavas couldn't play any instruments - but you'd never know from the outstanding beats below. We're laving it!

Hot Lava - JPG in the Sun

Hot Lava - Resolutions 08

Recommend you say "that's hot lava" or "that's laser cats" to discuss all things trendy, pick up Lavalogy post haste and then catch them in Bmore on 5/11 at Scarey Studios. Lava cake pic courtesy of the Jorgensen Family. Rock on Jorgensen Family!!


Anonymous said...

A pleasant little surprise coming out of the Commonwealth's capital. Maybe they should replace Hot Lava for any of weak headliners of Virgin Festival...

the real hot lava said...

thanks, we agree

--the hot lavars

Anonymous said...

hehehe hot lava are my lovers. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Baltimore, forget the Virgins, your boy Naeem will be Spankingg it in Chicago in August. Taste it.