May 23, 2008

Here's How E Samples, Give An Example

Kevin Nottingham and DJ Big Texas dropped an original sample mixtape with essentials from the Eazy-E catalogue (perfect for all outdoor Memorial Day activities or just Tuesday morning stoop action). Enjoy a few selections below or download the whole thing here.

Rufus Thomas - Breakdown Pt. 1

Magic Disco Machine - Scratchin'

Rufus Thomas - Funky Chicken

Make sure you spend some time on their site to see what else is available - original sample breakdowns for Ghostface, Gangstarr, De La Soul etc. Sick.

Bonus weekend beat:

Ludacris Jazz Tribute - Roll Out


Anonymous said...

Very pleasing. Happy to see and hear Gang Starr--often overlooked and under-appreciated lyrical geniuses. Every GS album is worth every minute. Rest in peace, Eazy-E.

Anonymous said...

One of the sickest muxtapes ive popped thru the playa in a second. Yall hurd it? ya need to.

J said...

Always good to see a Stet reset.

Baby Gorilla said...

I can see all the pinkies up in the air at the yazz club