May 20, 2008

It's Your Turn To Like Holy Ghost!

It’s with a mixture of jealousy, pride and general malaise that we send our friends Holy Ghost! up to underground indie heaven. Even though they've technically only released one song, a few months of steady blog foam and top-tier DJ blessings have left our friends at Hipster Runoff grimly predicting the DFA disciples will follow the path of Justice and others before them towards quasi-widespread recognition, acclaim, and the eventual hater backlash.

Of course during this process we'll do our best to drag them back down, like we do with any artist that manages to rise above the freeloading portion of their fan base to reach a larger group of consumers who are still willing to pay for music. Because liking the next newest band first reflects our self-perception of being ahead of everyone else, and our ultimate goal - completely lapping the innovation curve all the way back to irony (you like what I liked six hours ago, and C+C Music Factory will be cool again to me soon) - forces us to lose the passion well before our previous pet project hits pop.

Sorry about that Holy Ghost! - you guys still own. And Spank Rock still owns. Here’s to cooler salad dressing commercials.

Holy Ghost! - Hold On

Spank Rock - Bump (Best Fwends Rmx)

Buy it at Insound!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i have had the incredible urge to eat salad all day. thank you spank rock boyssss