May 29, 2008

Like A Sound You Hear That Lingers In Your Earhole

Dan Deacon sits on the e-couch with Pitchfork Masterblog to discuss the way his music/scene has been potrayed in media + blogz, and more importantly, how he's taking it up a notch for DD 2.0 (titled Bromst and slated for this fall) with reduced woody woodpeckers and enhanced live instrumentation.

This is a relief; homey's a classically-trained musician and we all know he has many, many more tricks up in those sweaty sleeves. Taste some of the new juice tomorrow night when he and Diplo hit Sonar. This night will be full of ridiculous, senseless shenanigans, and you might be going for free (contest is over).

Marlena Shaw - California Soul Diplo Rmx (from Verve Remix 4)

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Ben Brasso said...

For a hip hop, New York-style, California Soul remix, check out Street Radio's version: