May 2, 2008

Pants Party Vol. 1

We're usually not strong advocates of pants, but this is different. This is likely the first of several posts about James Pants.

A long time ago, James Pants started playing drums and marching in bands. After hitting cymbals for a while, James Pants bought cheap turntables and learned to scratch with Steppenwolf. James Pants' turntables skipped so much that he lost many battles and was never a good DJ. Then James Pants started playing Cameo and his drums again and people danced a little.

James Pants - We're Through

Now James Pants plays his new album and a few girls like it. "Mystical and enchanting," is what people in Spokane say about it. Teenagers at the park like to dance and make out to the new James Pants sound. "What a kaleidoscope," said one lady with her dog. "I can feel the universe pulse."

James Pants - Finger on the Knife

Know this - if James Pants comes to Bmore we will break it down on the mike at Never on Sunday, the employees will let us. Watch this video for free awesome lessons.

Pre-order his debut album Welcome via Stones Throw.

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