May 1, 2008

The Teenagers @ Ottobar 5/6

At this point there are two summer camps - one for those that love the The Teenagers' brand of nostalgic, 80s-movie referencing teen pop, and one for those that hate fun/making out. As senior counselors at the former, we're excited to welcome homies to the Ottobar next Tuesday along with Team Robespierre and Smart Growth.

The Teenagers - Sunset Beach (cfcf remix)

If the video for TR's 88th Precinct makes you feel sweaty or uncomfortable, it's because Allen Cordell (Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Jimmy Joe Roche) put it together using crowd shots taken from Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant area. They even borrowed the lucky green hype machine skull.

Do Bmore kids always think there's a video being filmed? Which buzz bin single below best encapsulates your awkward years?

The Teenagers - Homecoming

Nada Surf - Popular


Anonymous said...

I'm doubtful to stick for The Teenagers, but I'll be taping both Team Robespierre and Smart Growth at the Ottobar show.

Mike House said...

Dan's green skull is definatley not in the Team Robespierre video and if it is the director slipped it in without my knowledge...Also that footage is from an actual TR show which took place at The Chicken Hut warehouse in brooklyn.

Z said...

live teenagers audio would be rad but oh well

Anonymous said...

Video of Last nights Teenagers show here:

Anonymous said...

Check out The Teenagers do an unforgettable Shakira impression! :

Featured artist this week at Uncensored Interview! see all the clips here:

Anonymous said...
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