May 6, 2008

What Activities Should You Participate In?

Open this post for upcoming shows/beats and let us know what else you're up to.

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Thrushes - Into The Woods

Boys Lie - In Your Eyes

TaxLo Muxtape

Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Tabacco (XXXChange remix)

The Death Set - Impossible (Etan remix)

DJ Sega - Action News

The Old Haunts - Volatile

Future Islands - Nu Autobahn


Greg Szeto said...

just fyi, we are running a giveaway for thrushes' cd release right here.

Anonymous said...

What I'm doing on days you're doing something...

May 10: Velvet Lounge (early show) benefit for vets (military, not dog) with Len Bias, The Prisoner's Dilemma, Imperial China, Moscow Telephone, and Appomattox.

May 10: Lithuanian Hall (late show) with Bad Liquor Pond, Good Guise and Red Sammy.

May 12: Good! We're on the same page...The Death Set at Sonar. I wanna stay for Bonde do Role, but being a weeknight, I just can't commit.