June 27, 2008

By Way of the Green Line Bus

No doubt this scene made me fall in love with buses, headbands, fur coats, luggage, dour expressions, beards and Nico's "These Days." For the next three years I would take all of my meals standing up and refuse to dress as anything other than a one-socked Richie Tennenbaum.

Things got sort of played out for awhile there, but then 100dBs & Ryan O'Neil popped this acid raindrop joint that takes it all back. It's calming, like a large plate of ribs and warm milk or the sound of a one-handed man rapping.

100dBs & Ryan O'Neil - Must Be Love (from The Adventures of The One Hand Bandit and The Slum Computer Wizard)

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Anonymous said...

gwyneth rowr

Anonymous said...

new brenner's breaks coming 8/8/08...