June 26, 2008

Camp Rock + Pinkerton

So Rivers Cuomo's mom recently suggested he hold a rok camp in Portland, inviting 200 local musicians roll up and perform Weezer jamz as part of a live radio broadcast.

This is pretty cool, and that's a pretty strong camp counselor mustache. Would have been a whole lot cooler if we could talk about how good the new album is (it isn't), so instead let's reminisce about Pinkerton.

Back in the days when i was a teenager (before I had status and before I had a pager) this album owned. My parents couldn't afford Guitar Hero, so like other scrubs across the country I fake-played these songs with a real electric guitar plugged into a shitty 12" Peavey Rage, channeling a new generation of electric white boy blues.

And while most other Weezer album covers just hold down a primary color, the Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock print and a song about unrequited love for possibly underage Japanese schoolgirls tells you this is something real nice, Clark.

Weezer - Across the Sea

Buy it at Insound!

And don't even get me started about "Tired of Sex." Or do.


Anonymous said...

Tired of Sex == All time greatest songs ever of ever. What happened to that Rivers. How do you release a collection of songs like the Red album when you've recorded such a masterpiece before. Strange how hard you can fall off!

Anonymous said...

which night am i making denise? i forget.

indraf said...

Thursday night