June 19, 2008

Friends of TPC/WFP

Remember when we remembered about the Tokyo Police Club interview at Sonar, where Greg explains how he came to the conclusion that Pam is hotter than Bob Vance, and they also covered The Rentals' "Friend of P?"

Well now the gang is hating on Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes the body to hate on itself, by releasing a studio version of the cover in support of Friends of P. Check them out, download the song (hint: click on the record player while the song is playing) and donate to receive a killer tote.

Tokyo Police Club - Friends of P

In other "rocking for the cure" news, Thievery Corporation, TV on the Radio and Ladytron will be at Merriweather on 6/28 in support of the UN World Food Program, who remind you to either finish or donate the rest of those vegetables on your plate.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to see if anyone knows when Whartscape tickets go on sale. Thanks

Z said...

not sure when, but checking. they'll have per day tix and package tix which will be very reasonable