June 2, 2008

Hipster Trend Watch: Cosby Sweaters + Fighting

Do hipsters instinctively gravitate to Cosby sweaters because the show was set in Brooklyn Heights, or because its pleasant nostalgia and stable familial structure takes them to a different world?

Either way, from now until June 12, the Cos is officially auctioning off his sweaters for charity. No doubt this will be the sizzling summer look of choice for alternadads, while hipster chicks may opt for the "pantless morning after with an oversized Cosby" walk of style/shame.

MD's own Oh Snap!! (label mate of BT favorite Gameboy/Gamegirl) commemorates the occasion:

Oh Snap!! - Bill Cosby Sweater Hostage Rmx

Remember when lil' Rudy tried to make peanut butter and jelly juice with Dad's juicer?

We're also seeing a rash of Hipster Fight Clubs spreading across both coasts - here's some footage from last week. Everyone wins here. Note the office chair-wheeling Tyrone Biggums who floats in to break up weak standoffs.

Pavement - Fight This Generation (from Wowee Zowee)


Anonymous said...

After listening to that Pavement track I finally understand why some people claim they ripped off The Fall. Not that I expect you're too interested in that, what with all your Cosby sweaters and hipster fighting.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I have a very hard time sitting on my hands, and not commenting on a lot of butter team posts. I just had to do it on this one though.

Will, I would suggest that this "hipster violence" isn't new. Perhaps you should reach back into some hipster history, and you may recall Norman Mailer's 1957 essay "The White Negro: Superficial Reflections on the Hipster," which seemingly glorifies violence. Keep in mind the Mailer was the literary hipster of his time, and once stabbed one of his many wives.

I was once in a hipster bar, with some hipster friends, and a very non hipster real estate agent relation from Florida. He stated that all the hipsters in the room were probably pussies and would never fight. The smallest, but scrappiest hipster in ear shot retorted "This isn't New York, this is Baltimore. Everyone will fuck you up, even the girls. Hell, most of them grew up on grindcore in Essex." No shit.

Z said...

by "sitting on my hands" you mean you were attempting to give yourself a double stranger? if so, wow.

Anonymous said...

this was the lamest video except for the guy in the chair.

and wtf it's union square. where were the thousands of cops who hang out there?

i wouldn't be surprised if one of those asian kids was an undercover policeman.