June 4, 2008

New Beechfields Bmore Comp

Yeah, get your authorized free beats. The Beechfields record label just released This City of Neighborhoods, a high concentration of complimentary Bmore dopeness including Among Wolves, The Seldon Plan, The Red Vines, A Cat Called Cricket, Infinite Honey, The Honest Mistakes, and the final two tracks from Private Eleanor (now on hiatus).

Get it for free and learn about all of the artists here.

1 Infinite Honey - Honeybees
2 Private Eleanor - Scare Yourself to Death
3 Among Wolves - Father Mother Sister Brother
4 The Seldon Plan - Our Time in Rockland County
5 The Red Vines - Madeline
6 A Cat Called Cricket - A Daily Reminder
7 Pupa’s Window - Warm Embrace
8 The Honest Mistakes - Sidekick
9 The Seldon Plan - Colored Lenses
10 Among Wolves - Letter (mp3)
11 Pupa’s Window & The Seldon Plan - Les Poupées Russes
12 The Red Vines - El Nuevo Mundo
13 The Honest Mistakes - Girl
14 Private Eleanor - Capitán
15 Infinite Honey - Travelers