July 7, 2008

Independence Day Friendstival Freeflow

This weekend the Pontiak brothers celebrated Amurica's bday with a down home BBQ/friendstival in the Blue Ridge farm countryside of Warrenton, VA, cramming a quaint field house (above) with performances from Field Athletics, Jones, Mickey Free, Height, Wye Oak, Arbouretum and a nasty closer from a shirtless, war-painted Pontiak (anyone have pics?).

Alex and Vic from Beach House and Bob from Small Sur were up in the cut for chillaxing purposes; freedom dogs, freedom pasta salad and freedom cupcakes were provided; and LED lights, sparklers and fireflies replaced fireworks and black foam snakes. No farm animals were injured, although I almost kicked a cat trying to get into my tent that I thought was a raccoon (the "meow" came just in time).

Earlier in the day Height, Bow (Mickey Free) and Jones stepped out in the corn to excercise the first.

Pick up Kale, the new Pontiak/Arbouretum split-LP featuring new material and covers of Velvet Underground cofounder John Cale via Thrill Jockey. Tracklist:

01 Arbouretum: "Time Doesn't Lie"
02 Arbouretum: "Buffalo Ballet" (John Cale cover)
03 Arbouretum: "Flood of Floods"
04 Pontiak: "Dome Under the Sky"
05 Pontiak: "The Endless Plain of Fortune" (John Cale cover)
06 Pontiak: "Green Pool"
07 Pontiak: "Mr. Wilson" (John Cale cover)

John Cale - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover)


Thom said...

Might have been the coolest scene ever

Anonymous said...

these guys are the "cream of the crop"

Z said...

you corny yo

Anonymous said...