July 22, 2008

Netherfriends @ Metro Gallery 7/24

Just a break from our post-Whartscape froth to let you know Netherfriends, a damn fine Chi-town psychedelic singalong troupe, will be touring n' blogging their way through Bmore this Thursday at Metro Gallery with Rifle Recoil and bonus friends. They're also crashing in your basement, hope that's OK.

Let's walk through your decision process for attending:

Is this show on a weekend night?

A Thursday at least?

OK. Do I know them?

But is there a strong chance that, at a later date, I may want to say that I knew about them first?
Mos def.

Then I'm in a gambling mood. How's the sound?

Netherfriends - TAC TAC

Nice. However, cash is tight because I just _____ my ______, so.
Email us for a guest list spot.

You seem to be systematically removing all of my excuses, well played. But I prefer to have an example of how the music would be delivered visually.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

from what I've seen this show should be great. Do you know how much tickets are?