September 3, 2008

NOW That's What I Call Music! (Special Kooks edition)

The Kooks have proven to be a prolific, if not discerning cover force these days, most notably revisiting a classic standard from international pop juggernauts Ace of Base. They owned November 1993-April 1994 son! (No word yet if the Gothenburg, Sweden-based A of B crew has plans to collab with neighbors Air France, the union of which cannot be spoken aloud but would produce an ethereal Scandinavian pop catalogue only audible to unicorns and the ghost of Robert Goulet).

Back to the Kooks - here's a collection of their latest coverage:

Kids (MGMT cover)

Violet Hill (Coldplay cover)

Young Folks (PB&J cover)

All That She Wants (Ace of Base cover)

Who will get punk'd next? Is there a suggestion bin? Would love to hear a contemporary take on The Neverending Story.


littleanglophile said...

I love to hear them cover Scenic World by Beirut.

Anonymous said...

You should check out lily allen covering the Kooks' "Naive" track...very cool

all the best,

Matt and Dan

Colin Sproule said...

I've been waiting for anyone to cover the never ending story all my life.

the never ending storrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy.....

Z said...

for serious - Beirut would actually do a bangup job of that.