October 1, 2008

Be Thankful For What You've Got

The economy is making people act a fool, a BT staffer just saw an old guy get hit by a cab, and even though it's raining the falafel cart line is still really long. WTF.

We need to be thankful for what we've got people - and that starts with appreciating your beats; particularly William DeVaughn's 1974 classic and its varied offspring. Massive Attack covered it in 1991 and Ludacris mangled it in 2004, but neither compares to the super-dubbed Lee "Scratch" Perry/Upsetters version or Yo La's thumping platitude of gratitude.

William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got

The Upsetters - Dubbing in the Backseat (from Trojan in Dub 1970-80)

Yo La Tengo - Be Thankful For What You've Got (from Little Honda)

I'm also thankful for Soul Sides dropping this Smokey Robinson gem they call a "loud, proud wake-up call of funky power." Indeed. Be sure to spend some time over there if you haven't already, it's like a musty record store basement with free schooling.

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - If You Can Want (from Special Occasion)

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