October 29, 2008

Mojib (Mojib Remix)

We first featured Gothenburg, Sweden's Staffan Ulmert (aka Mojib) more than a year ago, and it's a testament to his mixology that debut LP Whimsical Lifestyle hasn't worn out its welcome on any playlists since. Sure, there's great material to work with - Kings of Convenience, Stone Roses, Go! Team, M83, Tribe Called Quest, Sigur Ros, Apples in Stereo, Thom Yorke and tastes of RJD2/DJ Shadow - but don't fault him for having good taste.

Radiohead - Videotape (Mojib Rmx)

Now Mo's offering a free two-part remix of Whimsical Lifestyle titled Whimsical Mixtape, which comes highly recommended, and not only because it's free. Just going to read this aloud:

"It's a mixtape that knows no boundaries as it remixes, mashes (ed: not in a 'Girl Talk' way) and reconstructs tracks from the LP while adding artists that inspired the album. The first part features a fast tempo and an upbeat style as underground and well-known commercial artists blend together. The second part leads the listener on a darker journey, following the footsteps of past projects such as 'Requeim' with Martin Erlandsson."

Don't sleep on this - download both mixes here.


Alex Mudge said...

Yay! Another over hyped Scandinavian act. At least its not mnml.

Anonymous said...

Loved this!

/ Thanks