November 20, 2008

You Made a Believer (Out of Me)

It only took a dozen foaming reviews for me to finally check out Q-Tip's new joint beyond the first track I heard ("Gettin Up" was a little too Sunday School with Common and not enough weekend nasty). But thankfully Soul Sides offered "Won't Trade," where Q effortlessly slides between slabs of Ruby Andrews' Windy City soul classic. Well played sir.

Q-Tip - Won't Trade (from The Renaissance)

Ruby Andrews - You Made a Believer (Out of Me)

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Anonymous said...

One thing I hope doesn't get overlooked about this album is that Q-Tip got the best of the best to feature. D'Angelo is back and as good as he used to be and Raphael Saadiq is going to be the biggest man in soul for a while. This album is going to stay high up on my radar for quite awhile.