March 31, 2009

Where The Wild Things Aren't

Not blogging about the new Where the Wild Things Are* theatrical trailer that you should have already seen by now. Not proclaiming it, by merit of the trailer alone, an early contender for film of the year. Not posting the shorter, lower-quality version of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" that is included in the teaser (it's like they made that trailer just for us), though you can get it here.

Instead I invite you to stare directly into the yellow eyes of an even bigger monster; the sultry, black foam snake that is "Wake Up" by Pure Essence. Laid down more than twenty years ago by an unknown Cincinnati funk ensemble, this tender jam is indeed for laying down by hearth's edge.

Pure Essence - Wake Up (from the Pure Essence 12")

DJ Shadow and RJD2 found these guys in the basement a few years ago (RJ samples their only other song, "Third Rock," in "Clean Living"), and it turns out that LA Reid was actually on the high hats. Point being, if that's not the nastiest bass line you've ever heard, I'll put on a wolf suit and chill in my room sans supper.

*pretty random that Carles and I both blogged about making fun of this alt movie meme within the same two hour span...maybe the movie looks pretty cool, but I just wanted to go ahead and get on the backlash train since the hype train already left like two months ago.


DHPIV said...

I'm holding out for "The Giving Tree" movie

Z said...

deep call - had to look that one up but now I remember it. A "Go Dog, Go!" movie would also be pretty strong.

Ben Brasso said...

Cool song.

Can we get some DJ Shadow posted?

Dr. President said...

Where do you get those really cool old school pictures from?

Z said...

trade secret bro

Dr. Anarchist said...

originality is the art of concealing your sources