June 16, 2009

Mr. Scruff @ Sunday Best

Were the ice cold tallboy Sapporos not frothy enough? Your homemade chorizo huareche too filling? Scenic canal-side dancefloor (w/ disco ball) not adequately shaded? Beats not buttery enough? You forgot how to play Connect Four? What? The lampshade is listening.

Mr. Scruff - Sunday Best 5.31.09 (link via Sunday Best)

Cheers to Sunday Best and Brklyn Yard for not only hosting Mr. Scruff a few weeks back as part of their ongoing summer/Sunday series, but also offering the full set for each DJ afterwards. Only problem with this almost three-hour mix, really, is certain parts are so nasty that I literally just get uncomfortable. Like 12:38 - is that Bill Withers covering "Summertime?" Or the aggro hott claps/gymnasium danceoff beat around 1:31:45 - that was just kind of inappropriate with all the kids and dogs around.


Sarah Lynn Knowles said...

nice, i keep meaning to check this place out

moonwalker said...

thx butter team! ur greatttttttttt