August 6, 2009

Cocaine Afternoon

Grandparents shouldn't be disheartened by Organ Morgan's debut song/EP title or the "do you wanna have a party?" intro - his beats are as wholesome as ginger snaps, a nice pair of slacks, and robot insurance.

Organ Morgan - Cocaine Afternoon

As young Matthew Mayes explains: "it's very much in the same vein as The Avalanches, and was heavily inspired by their one and only album Since I Left You. I personally feel there wasn't and still isn't enough of this music around...other influences include The Go Team!, Lemon Jelly, Pepe Deluxe, Hot Chip, Passion Pit and artists that aren't scared to try something new and different for a great sound. I'm basically having a lot of fun cutting the summery bits out of all my old and dusty vinyl."

The Cocaine Afternoon EP isn't yet available for sale, so Mayes has kindly offered all three songs for download. Stay tuned for a 26-track Alphabet LP very soon.

Organ Morgan - Do Not Disturb

Organ Morgan - Broken Heart

(photo credit: Old Glory)

Fellows of the Royal Society (Lost Avalanches Vol. 1)
Since I Met You
Flight Tonight


lank thompson said...

this is slick.

Jzzy said...

best blog I discoverd in months !
thanks for the good music