September 15, 2009

Girls, Man

"I'm just crazy...and fucked in the head," C. Owens whines over complimentary doo wops and bop bops from his crew of studio bros. While he rides cul-de-sac curbs and laments a general lack of anything awesome, we get it all - the harmonica, the hand claps, a sun tan, some pizza, and "Girls," who release "Album" on 9/22 via True Panther.

Girls - Lust For Life

(PS - pretty sure that is not Zach Galifianakis playing barkeep, but if you'd like to analyze further here are his Top 20 Most Awesomely-Awkward Internet Moments via SARAHSPY. Also looking forward to his new HBO bromedy Bored To Death, the first episode of which premieres this Sunday and can be downloaded for free on iTunes.)

9/25 update - Pitchfork gives it a 9.1 (not that it matters, but let's be honest, it's good to see a great album get recognized)